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Air cooled heat exchangers

Otherwise known as Fin Fan Coolers, our air cooled heat exchangers are made with durability in mind from the welding techniques to the raw materials used in their manufacture. As these products are intended to work in somewhat harsh territories and environments and as their duty is essential to keeping the work flow moving we ensure that they pass a rigid construction process.


We can source a variety of different finned tube types from our worldwide suppliers and we will make appropriate decisions as to the best type and best material source for the intended application..

Plate heat exchangers

Typically used in industrial mining applications, platre heat exchangers are also widely utilised in marine and HVAC scenarios where there is constraints on size. As the plates, in the case of brazed plate heat exchangers, are brazed together in the manufacturing process they have the added benefit of providing a leak proof and durable heat exchanger.


We can also manufacture gasketed plate heat exchangers which have a versatility in that the surface area of the heat exchanger can be modified relatively easily by simply adding new plates.

Shell and tube heat exchangers

For the specific use in most liquid to liquid or liquid to gas environments such as gas cooling or oil cooling our shell and tube heat exchangers have been developed over time to both provide longevity and ease of maintenance.


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